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The TSANet board of directors recently approved expanding TSANet membership to include the channel.  With the channel taking a critical role in the support of multi vendor solutions it is a natural fit to include them in TSANet.




Board Approves Expansion

During the September board meeting and strategy day the topic of including the channel was raised for review.   The board agreed to include the channel in the existing membership structure allowing System Integrators, Service Providers, Distributors and Value Added Resellers the ability to join TSANet as a full Premium or Basic member.   Channel companies can also join TSANet as a limited member by joining a custom relationship hosted by an existing Premium or Basic member.

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The Value for the Channel

Several channel companies stated their need for multi vendor support is high, and simplifying the multi vendor process is essential to their business.   Some of the benefits that TSANet membership brings to the channel are:

  • Ability to collaborate with other companies on mutual customer issues
  • TSANet provided tools for collaboration such as the Member Web and Case Exchange
  • Usage of the TSANet legal framework enabling a common approach to multi vendor support


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