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A new Case Exchange connector version 4.1 is now available for Salesforce.   This release contains three new features that have been requested from members.   It is recommended that all existing users upgrade to this new connector.



New Features

  • Lightning compatibility:
The new version is compatible with Salesforce Lightning interface as well as the Classic interface.
  • Cascading dropdown custom fields: This version supports up to 3 levels of dependent dropdowns in custom fields. Example of a dependent dropdown: State / City: when a user selects a State in one field, the next field City should show a City list within the selected state.   Read More
  • Scheduled message pickup: Salesforce includes a method to scheduled message pickup. When there are inbound B2B messages ready, there are two ways to get it into Salesforce: push or poll. Push is real time, and poll is on a schedule. This feature adds scheduled poll, in addition to previously available, existing real time option. Scheduled pickup is easier to configure, more reliable, is now the recommended option.   Read More


How to get it

Existing Users:   Existing users can upgrade their existing site by following the standard Salesforce application upgrade process.  Read more about the upgrade process

New Users:  New users should contact Paul Esch @ paul@tsanet.org to schedule a call to review the activation process.   Read more about the install process


Learn more about Case Exchange

For further details on Case Exchange view Member Help or contact Paul Esch @ paul@tsanet.org to schedule a demo.