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TSANet offers members the opportunity to showcase their company’s customer support organization. The latest company in the "Member Spotlight" series is Quicklink. TSANet interviewed Matthew Gustar, Support Manager at Quicklink


About Quicklink

Quicklink is a broadcasting solutions company focusing on turnkey solutions within the broadcasting industry. Having over 13 years’ experience within the industry, they dedicate themselves to providing an exceptional level of service along with a fantastic customer experience. Quicklink’s products range from portable backpack solutions to hardware encoders installed in satellite trucks, enabling live news to be captured and sent back to the studios from any location.

In addition, they work alongside Microsoft, bringing Skype into a professional broadcast environment by allowing broadcasters to easily connect to the public and support reporters with a standard skype client and laptop or mobile device. This revolutionary solution negates the need for scan converters and an array of third party software as was needed in the past. Quicklink has brought their expertise to Skype, and enhanced the usability by adding their own software to the device and improving the user experience.

They are proud to provide cutting edge technology to hundreds of professional broadcasters on an international scale. Click here to learn more about Quicklink’s products.


Quicklink Support

Quicklink’s head office is located in Swansea, Wales. The support department is made of a group of highly trained and motivated individuals that work as a team to provide exceptional service and swift professional assistance when required. Due to the deadline intensive nature of the broadcasting industry it is vital that assistance is provided and solutions found as soon as possible. Their support team is located in the same room, which allows the engineers to work in a collaborative way. When they receive a call it is assigned to a specific Queue, the support engineers can then work together as needed to provide fast resolutions to the customer.

Their company provides a standard silver support service during core business hours. They also offer a Gold support service for those customers who require the convenience of added hours of support and advanced hardware replacement. An engineer is available when assistance is needed in those crucial moments outside of business hours, particularly benefitting global customers. Quicklink provides Global support to all countries. If the customer has an active support contract, they are also entitled to Software updates. In addition, Quicklink accepts feature requests from customers to help improve their products. The support team works closely with Product Management and R&D to add new features. Quicklink shapes their product around their customers’ requirements.

All other departments are located in the same location providing enhanced collaboration for issues that require engineering assistance. According to Mattheyw, this makes it easy to interact with other departments and there is no delay in sharing information. This also helps resolve issues very quickly.


Quicklink Training

The onboarding process for a new engineer includes product training, company background, and customer training so they know the customer and the environment they work in. After training is completed they shadow a senior engineer so they can see the products in action. After they get comfortable the engineer will start taking calls, responding to emails and are eased into the interaction stage with the customer. Once they are ready to work directly with customers, they are given their own support queue and their cases are reviewed by a senior engineer as part of ongoing quality process. The training process takes about a month with couple months of ongoing monitoring.

When hiring engineers Quicklink looks for the Standard IT skills (ex: windows, Mac etc). In addition, there is a high focus on the quality of the person. This includes people interaction, teamwork skills, problem solving skills, mannerism with answering email and phone calls. They find people skills are key as they can train the technical skills.


Multi Vendor Support

TSANet provides Quicklink’s partners with quick access to their support team.  “We believe that the first step to good support is making it easy for customers and partners to approach us with an issue. No one in need likes to be placed on hold or passed through countless automated options before finally being connected with an engineer. This is why we enable our customers and partners multiple contact points to the support team. One of these ways is making our contact methods available via TSANet,” said Matthew. Due to the time sensitive nature of the environments that their products are used it is important to have clear methods of collaboration if needed.

In addition, they believe TSANet provides a consistent way of working with their Partners, such as Microsoft. TSANet allows engineers to focus on supporting products with good contact methods for their partners.  


Quicklink Best Practices

“I have always been intrigued with the Japanese concept of “Kaizen.” This means continual improvement,” said Matthew. As a support team Quicklink aims to always improve themselves, even if this means major improvements via training courses or small changes such as a minor process change.

Currently their support team is very focused on customer feedback regarding their products, and they are constantly looking for ways to improve the customers’ experience. All departments are located in the same building and strong relationships exist with each department.  This provides an enhanced level of customer feedback that continually improves the products and services. Below are some testimonials from their customers that highlight the importance of support.

“As always excellent support, attending on time and complete. The service is completely trusted. Once again many thanks for all your support.” Miguel Alvear Morandi, Canal 13 Santiago CHILE

“At BNN Media Group, we use Quicklink’s Store & forward and Mac Live in combination with the KA Satellite system for transmission of tv news packages. We find the Quicklink solutions versatile and extremely reliable.” Bobby Nelson, BNN Media Group

“Brilliant products and brilliant support, make Quicklink the ONLY choice when it comes to IP streaming – their products have changed the way we do live rolling news, from all over Africa, USA, and UK” Sean Thomas

Quicklink is currently working on projects focused on expanding support coverage and services in specific markets. For example, increased sales in Americas driving new time zone coverage.


We would like to thank Matthew Gustar and Quicklink for their support and participation as a valued member of TSANet.

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