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Your customers expect tailored mission - critical support services to help drive the highest levels of system performance and availability for their complex IT & cloud infrastructures and solutions. What is a solution? It’s a combination of hardware, software and services designed to work in tandem. If the solution is not working, your customers don’t want finger-pointing; they want action fast. Solution Support is a comprehensive approach to support at the solution level, rather than at the component level, it can help resolve problems more quickly and contribute to a more integrated IT environment.


Support executives from major IT companies and members of the EMEA focus group will discuss and share their experiences with the implementation of solution support in their organizations.

To this end, TSANet will be hosting an exclusive WORKSHOP that will take place from April 26 through 27, 2017 at the hosting company Fujitsu in Munich, Germany.

This hands-on workshop will demonstrate:

  • How TSANet can be a valuable platform for solution support
  • The implementation of solution support at Fujitsu, NetApp and HPE
  •  How to get good results? Create a great workplace!
  • How HPE changed their traditional tech support KPI’s and quality management to adopt for solution support
  • Why data security is crucial for Fujitsu

To register for this extraordinary event, contact  Rainer Zielonka, Chairman of the EMEA Focus group at: rainer@tsanet.org

Participation is possible by invitation only. Register now, seats are limited!

We looking forward to seeing you at the event and presenting the latest state-of-the art developments and trends.