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TSANet offers members the opportunity to showcase their company’s customer support organization. The latest company in the "Member Spotlight" series is NetMotion Software.





TSANet interviewed Clarence Foster, Director of Customer Support and IT at NetMotion Software.


About NetMotion Software

NetMotion Software, founded in 2001, is known for their Mobile Performance Management software that delivers an unparalleled user experience while ensuring IT has the most reliable technology to effectively manage, secure and support their mobile enterprise. Their company is a B2B operation with customers in healthcare, utilities, insurance, transportation, and public safety vertical markets.  NetMotion Software is headquartered in Seattle, WA and has remote offices around the world in the UK, Germany, and Japan.

Their Mobile Performance Management product solutions include NetMotion Mobility and NetMotion Diagnostics. NetMotion Mobility is an intelligent solution that not only secures connections and data, but enhances and optimizes network connectivity to ensure business-critical applications are always accessible. It is the component of NetMotion’s Mobile Performance Management solution that accelerates, optimizes and secures all mobile device traffic supporting any network, application or operating system.  NetMotion Diagnostics gives IT teams and business managers the real-time visibility and operational intelligence to productively manage, support and understand their investments in mobile technologies. It allows them to diagnose connectivity-related problems, whether on the mobile device, GPS unit, corporate servers, or across any of the private or public networks being used. It dramatically speeds resolution of issues with remote devices to ensure mobile users stay productive. Diagnostics can also export mobile information and event data to SIEM and BI systems for extending their visibility and value outside the firewall.  Most of their products are sold through the channel.

NetMotion Software Support

 NetMotion provides a variety of support options, including premium and standard support. The premium support plan features a special phone number to contact support 24x7, access to technical notes and white papers, guaranteed response times based on severity level, and upgrades to major releases. According to Clarence Foster, Director of Customer Support and IT at NetMotion Software, “Almost all of their customers have a premium support plan.” Their Elite Support Service is where customers are assigned a personal contact and escalation liaison for all their support issues. They also provide a System Health Check where engineers will review, evaluate and diagnose the customer’s current NetMotion deployment.

Other support resources include a public knowledge base, customer portal, email support, product training, product sheets, white papers, customer case studies, video and eBooks. In addition, NetMotion has a customer user group on LinkedIn that allows for discussions around how others are using their products, what best practices are being implemented and other relevant trends, challenges and solutions in mobile data deployments. Click here to learn more about NetMotion Support.

NetMotion Software Training

Their support department hires people with at least five years of networking and engineering experience. Once a person is hired they go through a two-week quick start program where they learn NetMotion’s products and how they are integrated into various networks. All new engineers have the opportunity to review the plan and offer feedback to improve it for new hires.

After the two-week plan is complete, the engineer is mentored by a senior network engineer for one year. During that time the new engineer gets to set up a test lab on their work station to have hands-on experience while they learn the product. After the first year, they are ready to work on their own. NetMotion also has internal on-going training where engineers train themselves and each other by presenting informal 30-minute training sessions on a topic of their choice. Their support team has low a turnover rate with a tenure of 7-10 years. NetMotion currently has eight technical support engineers servicing worldwide customers.

Multi Vendor Support

Prior to joining TSANet, when they received a multi vendor support case the customer would have to open a ticket with the other vendor and go through their support process. This method was time consuming, because the customer was dealing with tiered support. According to Clarence, he noticed how difficult these issues were. So, he brought up a solution to this problem, TSANet. He heard one of their larger customers required all their vendors to be a part of TSANet because they had a good experience. So, this made their decision to join TSANet easy.

NetMotion Software Best Practices

One of NetMotion’s best practices is a team approach to scaling knowledge and working together to help each other solve customer problems.  If an engineer does not have the answer to a customer’s question, NetMotion provides tools to help find the answer before escalating or transferring the call. “Go to the knowledge base, go to online help, then go to your team. At that point if you need to, get the information needed to escalate the case to the engineering team,” said Clarence. If the engineer needs to transfer the call, it’s not a cold transfer. They always introduce the customer to who they are going to talk to and then hand them off. The technician is in control of the case from the beginning to the end bringing consistency to the process. They don’t require timed escalations.

Flexibility and retention within their support team is another best practice for NetMotion. They want the engineer’s job to be flexible. So, they allow their people to work from home on a part-time basis once they’ve been with the company for a year.  NetMotion has a virtual call system that monitors the engineers’ calls and service levels. This flexibility helps NetMotion retain people. According to Clarence, another best practice is how they deliver support with the equipment they use. Their engineers only need a laptop and a headset and they can work anywhere in the world.

The key metrics they measure are time to answer and time to resolve. These two metrics tie into the CSAT and renewal rate. If the engineers execute well, then the customers are going to renew their support contract. NetMotion has a Customer Satisfaction score of 98% for the past six years. They started tracking Net Promoter Score two and half years ago, on a transactional basis, and their score today is 92. Their response rate on the survey has averaged 40% for the past two years.

In 2016, NetMotion won two customer service and support related IT World Awards:

  • Customer Service: Silver, Customer Service Department of the Year
  • Customer Support: Silver, Best Support Department of the Year

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11th Annual Network PG's 2016 IT World Awards®

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Winner 9th Annual 2014 Hot Companies and Best Awards

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NetMotion Wireless for NetMotion Wireless Customer Satisfaction Program (Clarence Foster, Director of Technical Support & Customer Service) - Seattle, WA USA

Jun 2014

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We would like to thank Clarence Foster and NetMotion Software for their support and participation as a valued member of TSANet since 2011.

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