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Train your Support Team on how to use TSANet

To ensure you get the most value out of your membership, it is important to train your support team on how to use TSANet.  We wanted to share some training options for you to use in training your team.



Training Options

  1. Caller Training Video:  Covers the basics of TSANet and how to use the Member Web to collaborate with other Members
  2. Admin Training Webinar:  Covers all topics related to the administration of your TSANet membership
    1. Topics include:
      1. TSANet Administrator Roles and Responsibilities
      2. User Access Methods
      3. Manage Contact Documents
      4. Manage Internal Notes
      5. Reporting
      6. Training Your Teams
  3. Custom Webinar: We can create a customized 30-minute training Webinar for your team.  This webinar is also recorded and made available for you to use.  Contact Us to request a training session.