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Contact Us to add new departments or contact documents

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How-To Videos for topics that you can do on the Member Web


Members must Contact TSANet to do the following


  • Add a New Department or Contact Document

  • Create a New relationship

  • Create a New Custom Group or modify an existing group or Microsite

  • Create a Contact document for a relationship(s)

  • Remove a Business Manager or Program Manager

  • Make changes to the new user self registration process

  • Setup Routing Wizard for Contact Documents

  • Setup Partner View for Custom Groups


Frequently asked Questions

What Browsers are supported for the Member Web?

For Desktop we support IE 9 and later as well as the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.   Mobile browsers from Microsoft, Apple and Google are also supported 

Can I have a contact document apply to a single company?

Yes, This feature is called a selective contact document.  In order to enable this please Contact Us



Do I need to have all of my users register for an account?

No,  Your team can use the Group Login.   For more information on the Group Login feature watch this video

What are Key Codes and when are they used?

If members requires a company specific code (Company ID) to access support this feature can be used to manage that process

How can I find out who from my team has logged into the Member Web?

Under the report tab you can view who has used the site from the group login or user logins.  Admins can also download these reports to excel.   Note that Case Exchange provides the most detailed information for reporting usage and other statistics.