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What type of companies join TSANet?

Any company that delivers technology solutions to consumers or enterprise customers would benefit from TSANet membership.   This includes:

  • Hardware and Software Manufacturers
  • System Integrators and Value Added Resellers
  • Service Providers

Companies from Information Technology, Telecommunications, IT Security, Cloud Solutions and Mobile Technologies are some of the segments where TSANet has members.

Why should I become a member?

TSANet membership allows you to use an industry-standard solution for your cooperative support agreements. Current members have experienced significant savings in both time and money using the TSANet infrastructure. As the largest multi vendor alliance in the world, TSANet is a business and technical forum for cooperative support.

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What are TSANet "Elite, Premium and Standard community relationships," and why are they necessary?

Today, hundreds of the leading IT organizations use TSANet infrastructure to deliver a worldwide standard of excellence for seamless customer cooperation. We offer a broad mix of member services, which can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

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Does TSANet place calls to other companies on my behalf?

No, TSANet does not place calls for your company. We provide a legal and operational framework that allows companies to connect with each other to provide multi vendor support and collaborate on new products and technologies.

How do other members know if a shared customer is entitled to my support?

Within the TSANet Connect process form, a Customer section includes company name, and contact details that are used to validate entitlement. Members are also able to add custom fields such as serial number if required for entitlement.

Will my joining cause an increase in call volume?

No. With the exception of very few specialized relationships, the mutual customer is at the heart of every TSANet call placed between members. By joining TSANet, you are simply receiving a call from one of your customers via another member that your customer happened to call first. You will not be required to accept a call from a member that does not involve one of your customers.

What tools are available to collaborate with other TSANet members?

TSANet Connect:  A simple user interface provides a consistent method for creating a collaboration case with other Members. The API first architecture enables members to integrate their internal systems and processes.

API Integrations:  API Integrations provide the ability to collaborate with other companies through your existing support process. Members can integrate TSANet Connect to their existing ticketing systems including Jira, Salesforce and Zendesk. TSANet Connect can integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams and WebEx enabling quick access for Members to collaborate on complex problems.

Technology Partner Programs:  Easily establish a two-way collaborative mechanism with your partner network. Members may utilize TSANet to provide a hosted collaboration path with their partners. ​

See the Why TSANet page for further detail.

Do I need to change my case logging or escalation processes when I join TSANet?

No, TSANet is designed to allow members to use their existing Email workflow or CRM API Interface and escalation processes that are in place as long as they support the response criteria defined by the relationship. Members can also define separate processes for special relationships and departments through the use of Technology Partner Programs or Solution Support Programs.

Do I have to support all my products?

No. Members may specify which products they support with the TSANet process document they post. Members can also create different processes for separate relationships, departments, product groups or geographic regions, allowing for streamlined collaboration within their company.

Who decides the future direction of TSANet?

As a not-for-profit organization, the membership directs the organization by participation in committees, voting rights and the opportunity to have a seat on the Board of Directors or participate in a Regional Focus Group. Members can benefit from TSANet’s Global Events Program, which delivers opportunities to network and share knowledge and expertise with like-minded professionals from across TSANet’s global technical support community.