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Q. What is TSANet and why am I being asked to join?

TSANet is a Not-For-Profit organization that provides a framework for members to create and implement multi vendor support relationships. Many members utilize TSANet to create a support collaboration mechanism with their partners when products move into the production environment. A member has hosted a relationship via TSANet and requested their partners join to establish a relationship to support common customers.

Q. How are calls placed to and from members?

TSANet provides a common interface allowing both inbound calls to your support department and outbound calls to the host member. The TSANet Connect platform is a form-based system providing the request and acknowledgment of a support request. For inbound calls from the host member, you will provide an alias email (e.g. during the sign-up process. When the host member submits a ticket, the alias email address will receive the request from The email will contain general problem information and common customer information. For outbound calls, you will submit your ticket via the TSANet Connect directory by filing out a form provided by the host.

Q. How do I respond to a ticket submitted by the host?

The email received contains a “respond to“ button allowing your support staff to provide the host specific information regarding the engineer assigned and any other specific instructions. Engineers will not have to be logged into the TSANet system to respond to a request.

Q. Why are you asking for an escalation process and contact?

Should the inbound process fail, or the host not receive a response within the defined guidelines, the escalation contact will be notified by email that a ticket is outstanding and has not been responded to within the required response guidelines. The host member also receives the escalation instructions you provided during the sign-up process but will not receive the specific escalation contact. Acknowledgment of a support request negates any further emails sent to the escalation contact.

Q. How will my support staff gain access to TSANet?

In the acceptance email, you will be provided with a landing (page e.g. Engineers may request a link allowing them access to TSANet and the ability to submit a ticket to the host.

Q. What information is being stored by TSANet and what call metrics can I receive via TSANet?

TSANet does not store any data beyond the request and acknowledgement of a support request. Any additional information should be stored in each member’s incident tracking system. Common customer information included in the request is deleted after submission. The TSANet system will provide both the sender and receiver metrics regarding support requests, call volume and response times. Due to Data Protection and privacy issues, no sensitive customer information is stored in the TSANet system.

Q. What is a Limited Member?

Limited Members are allowed access to a single hosted relationship(s). In some cases, the host has elected to pay their annual members’ fee. Elite, Premium and Standard members are afforded many more options including additional relationships, customized inbound forms and integration into collaboration tools and CRM systems. You can view these options at or Contact Us to learn more.

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