TSANet Piloting Engineer Knowledge Exchange

During 2021, TSANet has been piloting Engineer Knowledge Exchange with two of the regional focus groups (India and Europe).   This blog provides an update on that pilot and shares information on what is next for this initiative.

What is Engineer Knowledge Exchange

Engineer Knowledge Exchange is a program that allows Engineers to exchange technical information about their products and how they work in a muti-vendor environment.   The pilot used 30-minute sessions that were then recorded so they would be available to others.   The topics are very technical in nature and are not intended to replace formal training on the products.   Details of the pilots are shown below and provide example of topics.

What was included in the Pilot?

The India focus group was the first group to hold sessions and they have completed two.

Red Hat:  Basic Kdump configuration.   How to use Kdump to debug system issues related to reboot, lock, panic.

VMware:  VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics​.  Using the SHD to diagnose issues with VMware solutions.  This tool analyzes logs and configuration and matches known issues and solutions.

Europe is planning a session before the end of 2021

What are the future plans?

The Engineer Knowledge Exchange pilots have received positive feedback and both Focus Groups commented that it should continue.  The next steps with Engineer Knowledge Exchange will be part of the new 2023 Strategy that will be communicated at the online annual Member meeting.