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TSANet Strategy


The Future of Multi Vendor Support

The TSANet strategy is based on feedback from our members and will enhance how members collaborate and provide support in multi vendor environments. The strategy is designed to address the core requirements of our members. These requirements can be summarized into 3 areas: continue to add more members, improve how members collaborate, add more value for members.

The strategy was presented during the 20th anniversary event and members provided feedback and discussed implementation details at the management roundtables.  The strategy was recently updated in 2016 at the fall strategy day.  The full presentation and a summary of the new strategy is provided below:

  TSANet Strategy 2017

Implementing the strategy will follow 3 streams

  1. Add more Vendor and Channel Members: Continue to grow membership by adding more Vendors and adding the Channel.
  2. Improve how members collaborate: Continue to deploy and improve Case Exchange and introduce new tools.
  3. Expand to Solution Support: Develop a framework to allow members to provide solution support.


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