First Meeting of TSANet India Focus Group in Bangalore, India

The first face-to-face meeting of the newly established TSANet India Focus group took place on December 8, 2017 at the NetApp facility Bangalore, India. During this meeting facilitated Jwalanth Chavan (NetApp) members of the India Focus group shared their vision of the future of tech support. Jyotiram Pasupalak, Sr. Director, NetApp Support, officially welcomed everyone to NetApp and kicked off the event. He gave an overview of NetApp HCI and his view on the trending IT markets. He further went on to emphasize on the value of TSANet alliance and how this would play a significant role as the industry moves towards supporting Solutions and not just Products. Jerin Jacob, thereafter, gave a quick overview of NetApp Support and its operations in the APAC region – both English and Native language.

Abhinav Bhargava took over the baton and briefed everyone about Nutanix portfolio and India Support operations. Thereafter, all the member companies took turns in giving the audience a brief overview about their respective organizations and support operations in the region.

The Brainstorming session was one of the key highlights of the event. Here, all the members candidly discussed the level of TSANet adoption in their respective organizations and discussed ways in which the adoption could be made more effective. The key items were already discussed in a follow up call with Paul Esch and Rainer Zielonka from TSANet.

Next Meeting

  • Srinivasan Natarajan offered to host the next TSANet India FG meet in the Cisco campus located in Bangalore. Agenda and date will be discussed in January 2018 .