Francoise Tourniaire from FT Works provides industry update on AI in Support

Francoise Tourniaire from FT Works provided an industry update on AI in support during the North America focus group meeting.  The presentation included uses case in various areas of support that benefit Customers, Managers, Agents, and Product Marketing.


Bad Old Days vs The Good New Days

The presentation highlighted the fact that AI technology has improved significantly over the past few years and can now accurately perform tasks and answer questions such as:

  • Is this customer an influencer?
  • Will this case escalate?
  • Can this support engineer defuse angry customers?
  • Is the UI of productX confusing?


Many Successful Use Cases

Example uses cases were discussed that benefit one or more groups in support.   Customers now have access to advanced self service and tailored suggestions.   Support Managers can use AI to route cases to the correct engineer and detect cases that have a high risk of escalating.   Support engineers have detailed information about the customer as well as advanced troubleshooting tools.   Product Marketing can leverage AI to receive customer and product quality feedback.


How to Start

To get started companies will need a large set of training data and a deep understanding of their business.    After confirming your goals and selecting an AI technology a model is created and trained and improved over time.


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