New TSANet Membership Model – Premium Member Benefits

In Q4 2022, TSANet launched a NEW membership model that includes improvements, new features, and price changes.  All Membership levels changed to global, and Members can now provide access to support teams in any location.  This blog also covers the specific features of the Premium Level Membership.

24/7 Global Collaboration with Enterprise SLA (Premium and Elite only)

Premium and Elite Members can collaborate 7*24 with enhanced enterprise grade SLAs.  The TSANet Connect system provides guidance to users and includes automated escalation process if the SLA is not met.

  • Priority 1:  2-hour initial response SLA
  • Priority 2:  4-hour initial response SLA
  • Priority 3:  24-hour initial response SLA

Critical Escalations (Premium and Elite only)

Premium and Elite members now have access to a new Critical Escalations collaboration process.  It provides members a direct path to members’ peers where traditional escalation processes do not support a critical customer situation. The feature is limited to select users at the company and can be configured to each member’s inbound workflow.

Read more about the Critical Escalation process

Single Sign-on (Premium and Elite only)

TSANet Connect supports the SAML 2.0 standard and includes both single sign-on and just in time user provisioning.

Read more about TSANet Connect Single Sign-on

Connect to existing and invite new members (Standard, Premium and Elite)

Expand your Partner network by requesting connections to existing Limited Members or sending invitations to new Members.   The features of each membership level are listed below:

Standard and Premium Members:

  • Join Partner Programs or participate in Solution Support models for free.
  • Request connection to any existing Limited Member
  • Request new companies to join TSANet (New companies can join at any membership level)

Elite Members:

In addition to the features above, Elite members can do the following.

Regional Focus Groups (Standard, Premium and Elite)

Join a Regional Focus group in Europe, India, Australia, North America, or Japan to improve Member collaboration and provide feedback to the TSANet Strategy!   This is a great opportunity for support management to share best practices and network with other members.

Read more about Regional Focus Groups

Technical Knowledge Exchange (All Members)

Launched in 2022 Technical Knowledge Exchange provides information on products, technologies, and troubleshooting from Members.

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Learn More

To learn more about the different Membership Level visit Membership Levels on the TSANet Website or contact us at