TSANet Connect – March 2021 Release

The 9th version of TSANet Connect is now live!   This release provides improvements to many areas of the system.

Features and Improvements

Improvements to this release include:

  1. Resolved formatting issues with when using MAC Safari browser.
  2. Fixed issue with timeout of login page or selection of the TSANet Connect icon would take the user to an invalid page.
  3. Added helper text to the description field and included that in the list of data to delete as part of GDPR improvements.
  4. Made improvements to Partner signup process to now include test case to validate inbound process.
  5. Improvements to Member Admin user search functionality to include search by email address.
  6. Improvement to TSANet admin interface to improve testing of Members process forms.
  7. Improved inline Member help and noted that all timestamps are in UTC time zone on the interface.
  8. Resolved an issue where a caller was not able to see other collaboration requests for the company.


Improving Member Adoption

Now that all Members are migrated to TSANet Connect we are starting to work with Members to better understand usage and how to improve.   TSANet has started a series of regional training sessions for your engineers to get trained on TSANet Connect.

View the list of classes and register your teams!


More Information

See Member Resources for further information on TSANet Connect

A series of Blogs are available that provide further information about TSANet Connect