TSANet hosts India Focus Group Virtual Meeting – April 8th, 2022 

Rainer Zielonka from TSANet met online with Nutanix, VMware and Red Hat to discuss the most pressing topics of the current situation.


  • In his keynote Rainer emphasized that changing customer expectations requiring a renewed focus on delivering empathy and earning trust. Leveraging advanced customer analytics to identify processes and tasks to automate and improved employ experience helps to attract and retain talent and improves CX as well. There is a clear relationship between customer satisfaction and renewal rates. Polls show the better that support organizations handle an incident, the higher contract renewal rates.
  • TSANet: Paul presented TSANet`s 2022 plans and gave feedback from the BoD meeting in Raleigh. He explained in detail the three streams TSANet Connect 2.0, new membership Model and expansion of regional focus groups.
  • Best practices session: Company strategies for getting back to the office. “Back to Office” will become a reality for most office workers in the medium term, but what do companies have to consider when returning safely? We had a very intensive and open discussion on this topic.
  • Round table discussion: Use of AI and new technologies. We had a lively discussion on this topic, where everyone present shared their experiences and plans. With AI/ML/VR technology actionable insights from every customer interaction can be gained. Technical support can improve response times, reduce errors, enhance the customer experience and lower cost by leveraging service automation. Collaboration tools are key to disseminating knowledge sources connecting employees with each other and partners.



The feedback from the participants was very positive. All participants were impressed by the actuality of the topics, the knowledge and openness of the speakers and the inspiring discussions during the workshop.

The next online meeting will be in Q3/ 2022

If you are interested in participating, please contact Rainer Zielonka at rainer@tsanet.org