VMware Custom Technology Partner Program

Custom Groups are an ideal solution to power greater collaboration between a select group of TSANet member companies or between you and your technology or channel partners. TSANet is now offering members the opportunity to showcase their Custom Groups. The first member to be showcased in the Custom Group Spotlight is VMware.

TSANet interviewed René Karel, Senior Partner Support Program Manager, at VMware.

About VMware

VMware, a global organization, founded in 1998, is the industry-leading virtualization software company specializing in technologies that simplify IT complexity and streamline operations. Their products are focused around data center virtualization, cloud infrastructure, data center and cloud management along with desktop and application virtualization, enterprise mobility management. Click here for a complete list of VMware’s products

VMware has around 1100 global support engineers. Click here for more information on VMware support.


VMware Custom Groups

VMware was at the forefront of the Custom Group concept and today utilizes TSANet to manage several of their partner programs including the VMware Technical Alliance (TAP) Program which currently represents >1,200 TAP partners comprising Top Tier (approx. 500) and Second Tier (approx. 700)

VMware, as the host member, can view and collaborate with all the participating technology partners they have invited into the support relationship.

With rapid expansion into the Cloud solution platform VMware has again chosen TSANet, to work with their partners creating another Custom Group, for the vCloud Air  program.

VMware also has a Custom Group that enables Engineering to Engineering collaboration with specific partners. Click here to learn more about VMware’s Partner Programs.


How TSANet is used to support the VMware TAP Program

The use of TSANet has simplified the following areas:

  • Point to point agreements with Partners:  The TSANet registration portal provides automation for the management of the partner program.  Partners accept agreements as part of the registration process
  • Consistent communication with partners:   Partners complete a contact process document as part of the registration process providing VMware an always up-to-date view of all their partner’s contact and escalation processes.  Partners, in turn can view the VMware contact and escalation process
  • Provides method for easy updates:  Change to agreements or operational processes are simplified as the TSANet custom group and Microsite provides a single point of administration
  • Implementation process: Avoids the legal process of lawyers reviewing and approving the support agreements, which speeds up the process and saves costs
  • Collaboration process: Creates a common way for VMware engineers to collaborate with ALL partners.   This process is key to providing the best customer experience and prevents finger pointing.  TSANet helps VMware maintain their very high level over 95% customer satisfaction.


VMware’s Best Practices

VMware works closely with the Partner Program owners to communicate and internally market the value of using TSANet to manage the collaboration process.  VMware has created a customized registration page with Co-Branded marketing materials that show the benefits of TSANet for its Partners. Communication with stakeholders is ongoing; it is important to VMware in order to keep mindshare and continue to improve the program and benefits TSANet provides.

VMware has a close relationship with TSANet to put in place a Custom Group that works for the TAP program.  This included attending VMworld to learn more about VMware and Partner needs. The TAP program has been the lead for implementing new features at TSANet, such as co-branded registration, Microsites and Limited members.

VMware empowers all 1100 support engineers with the ability to access TSANet and to reach out to collaborate with Partners immediately. They have setup group logins to simplify this access.


We would like to thank René Karel and VMware for their support and participation as a Premium Global Member of TSANet since 2001.

If you would like your company to be featured in Custom Group Spotlight please contact Brittany Jimerson, brittany@tsanet.org

Download the Custom Group Brochure or the Custom Groups eBook to learn more about Custom Groups.