ASP Best Support Websites for 2023 Will be Announced in a Virtual Event

Date and Time: September 13th at 9:00 am – 10:00 am PST

The ASP Best Support Websites for 2023 Awards will be presented by Al Hahn and Alok Ramsisaria.   Al is the Executive Director of ASP and has overseen these awards for the past 11 years.   Alok Ramsisaria is the chief participant at Grazitti Interactive. He has led the company to achieve marketing, sales, and support outcomes that drive customer success. He has over 25 years of marketing, technology, and consulting experience. Grazitti is the parent company of SearchUnify, the sponsor of the ASP Best Support Website awards.

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Al Hahn

Executive Director of ASP



Alok Ramsisaria

CEO at Grazitti Interactive