Guest Webinar by FT Works: What should I do with AI: A No-Nonsense Roadmap for Curious Support Managers

Join us on Tuesday March 26 to explore the rapidly-evolving uses of AI in support environments. If you are looking for a pragmatic, vendor-agnostic roadmap, this is the event for you.

What will we discuss?

We will present case studies of support organizations of all sizes that are exploring and rolling out AI-based solutions to improve both customer experience and internal efficiency. We will consider:

  • What commercial AI tools can do—and you probably should not try to duplicate in-house
  • What you can accomplish in-house, and what it takes to be successful
  • What we can expect in the future, both for generative AI and non-generative AI . Most AI projects are rooted in gen-AI, but in our opinion it only touches the surface.
  • How AI can help support teams not just help themselves, but also leverage their existing assets to power change in the product and beyond
  • How to maneuver the technological and political challenges of AI projects

We will also respond to your questions about how you can use AI in your own environment.

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About the Speakers

Francoise Tourniaire of FT Works is the author of The Art of Support. She’s been helping technology and healthcare companies improve their support and customer success operations for decades, and a keen observer and cross-pollinator for best practices.

Paul Esch is currently the President of TSANet and works with the TSANet Board of Directors to manage and define the future of TSANet. Joining TSANet in 2012, Paul was responsible for strategy and business development at TSANet and grew membership to over 900 Technology Vendors.