TSANet Latest News and Updates – April 2024

Regional Focus Groups

As a member-driven organization, Members can join a Regional Focus Group in Europe, India, Australia, North America, and Japan. This provides an opportunity to network with other members and contribute to the future of TSANet. View Regional Focus Groups

Here are the upcoming Regional Focus Group meetings:

  • Microsoft to host the Europe Focus Group Meeting on April 23-24, 2024, in Schiphol, Netherlands – View Details
  • Cisco to host the North American Focus Group Meeting on May 14, 2024, in Morrisville, NC – View Details

If you want to get involved in a Regional Focus Group, please get in touch with Paul Esch.

TSANet Connect 2.0

We have completed the TSANet Connect Integration Guide and Swagger API documentation for TSANet Connect 2.0. These documents are available to Members who want to join the TSANet Connect 2.0 Beta.

If you want access to the beta environment, please get in touch with Paul Esch.

Here is an overview and demo of the new TSANet Connect 2.0 system. Watch the Webinar

Recent Blogs and Webinars

  • TSANet Board of Directors meeting in Austin, Texas, to discuss 2024 plans View Blog
  • Guest Blog by ServiceXRG: Unlock A Winning Strategy For 2024 View Blog
  • Guest Webinar by FT Works: What should I do with AI: A No-Nonsense Roadmap for Curious Support Managers View Webinar
  • René Karel joins TSANet as the Vice President of Business Development Americas View Blog
  • Stephanie Benson has Retired After 24 Years View Blog