Nutanix hosts TSANet Australia Focus Group Meeting – Mar 19, 2024

Nutanix hosted the TSANet regional meeting with 14 participants from AWS, Broadcom, IBM, NetApp, Dell, Red Hat, HPE, Lenovo, Nutanix, VMware, Hitachi, and Commvault to discuss the most pressing topics.

Topics discussed:

  • TSANet 2026 Strategy update
  • Update and Demo of TSANet Connect 2.0
  • HPE One Team Collaboration (Process, People, and Tools)
  • Collaboration and Escalation Process Bets practices

Paul provided an update and demo of TSANet Connect 2.0 and shared the latest status of the 2026 Strategy plans.   HPE shared their One Team collaboration process, which was built as a slack app and allows efficient collaboration between level-2 and Level-3 teams at HPE.  The team also discussed best practices related to customer escalations.

Next meeting will be on October 16, 2024. The team plans to meet face-to-face on October 16th.   More details on location and agenda will be provided in a future invitation.

Note the Australia Focus group includes the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.   Contact Paul Esch to join this group.