TSANet Board of Directors meeting in Austin, Texas to discuss 2024 plans

Actian, a division of HCL Software, hosted the TSANet Board of Directors meeting for a 2-day planning session in Austin, Texas on February 6th and 7th.    The focus of the meeting was to discuss details of the TSANet 2024 plans.   TSANet put in place a new strategy based on Member input and changes in the market as communicated in the 2023 Member Meeting.


New Executive Committee

The TSANet executive committee provides leadership, guidance, and oversight to the TSANet organization.   The board elected the following TSANet board members to the executive positions:

  1. Chair – Scott Froehlich, Red Hat
  2. Vice Chair – Jason Longpre, Nutanix
  3. Secretary – Darlene McNamara, Cisco
  4. Treasurer – Todd Roberts, VMware by Broadcom

Limited Membership

TSANet Elite Members can setup Partner Programs and invite in new Members through a low-cost Limited Membership type.   With over 800 Limited Members, the Board discussed ways of adding value to this group of members to show the benefits of TSANet and create a path to general Membership.  The following topics were discussed:

  1. How to increase the number of relationships through additional Partner programs or changing policy of how relationships are formed.
  2. How to increase usage of TSANet Connect for common customer collaborations.
  3. Demonstrate the value of the TSANet community. For example, allowing remote access to parts of the regional focus group meetings.

TSANet Connect 2.0

TSANet Connect 2.0 is a major initiative to improve how members collaborate and expand use cases.   The Board reviewed status and how to onboard more Members into the Beta environment for testing and feedback.   If you are interested in learning more about TSANet Connect 2.0 Beta please contact paul@tsanet.org

Regional Focus Groups

The board discussed how to further improve and promote the Regional Focus Groups.  Dates and topics were approved for the North America Focus Group meetings in 2024.    Other Regional groups will review within their planning committee.

Regional Focus Groups

Regional Focus Group Meetings (Includes Dates)

Board Elections

TSANet holds annual elections for the Board of Directors. Per our bylaws, Standard, Premium and Elite Members vote on Board members who are elected for three-year terms.   In 2024 five positions will be up for vote.  Only Elite Members are eligible to run for a Board seat.