NetApp hosted the TSANet Europe Focus Group Meeting on November 26-27 in Amsterdam, NL

AI plays a pivotal role in transforming technical support by automating routine tasks, enhancing efficiency, providing personalized assistance, and enabling proactive problem resolution. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and more effective use of human resources within support teams.

Rainer Zielonka and Paul Esch, both from TSANet, met in person with NetApp, Veritas, Software AG, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Nutanix, Atlassian, AWS, Cisco, HPE and Fujitsu to discuss how AI shapes the future of the technology support industry.

Topics discussed:

  • Keynote Introduction on AI by NetApp
  • Best Practices for tierless and collaborative, swarming, and smart support models
  • Best practices and use cases of AI in technical support
  • Workshop: AI view from people, process, and customer
  • TSANet Strategy Update

Rainer thanked Executive Keynote Speakers Ryan Mathews, Senior Director of Digital Support Strategy, and Tomer Soshan, Technical Support Manager & KCS Coach Lead, who gave the opening speech for the AI workshop. The results of the brainstorming sessions have provided great ideas and a solid foundation for further discussion.

Additionally, Rainer thanked Valerie Or and the NetApp team for hosting the event at their wonderful location in Amsterdam.

The participants gave very positive feedback, impressed by the timeliness of the topics, the knowledge and openness of the speakers, and the inspiring discussions during the workshop. All agreed that in-person meetings are very effective and focused, and networking is invaluable.

If you are interest in participating, please contact Rainer Zielonka at