Thoughts from TSW 2018 Service Transformations Conference

We always look forward to attending the Fall TSIA conference in Las Vegas. Not only is it a great opportunity to catch-up with members and introduce TSANet to attendees, it’s an ideal venue to gain perspective on what common problems the industry is currently facing and how to best address the latest challenges. Different from years past, the trends are definitely moving quickly into the expanded role that services is playing in the entire product development, deployment and support cycle. Specifically, a focus on the importance of support services within areas of companies where services has never before played a role. This can result in new challenges, especially where the culture has been to bring in support as the last element in product or service deployment.

These trends also validate that TSANet is headed in the right direction to provide our members the necessary framework to facilitate a better experience for customers. Having those strategic relationships in place can play a huge role in the overall customer experience. As we move out of 2018 and into 2019, you’re going to be hearing about some important changes in TSANet. From Solution Support and partner relationship models to an easier framework for collaboration and integration of workspaces between members, the TSANet organization is moving to not only keep up but make these challenges easier for our members to address in the future.