TSANet 2019 Plans

Working with Members through Regional Focus Groups and the Board of Directors, TSANet has approved plans for 2019. Three focus areas for 2019 are designed to bring value to TSANet Members.

Grow Membership

During 2018 TSANet grew to over 600 Members!   Growth was a result of more Members taking advantage of TSANet Partner Programs and Solution Support Groups.   During 2019 we plan to continue to grow the number of groups, and provide our Members with a comprehensive solution to all their Partnering needs.

Deploy TSANet Connect

During 2018 the Technology Committee worked to put together the requirements for the next generation collaboration system.    TSANet Connect will be the new solution and development on this new system started in the fall of 2018.   During 2019 we will complete development of this new system and deploy it to all Members.   For more information view the TSANet Connect Webinar and watch for future communication on this topic over the coming months.

Member Success

As a not for profit organization, we are Member Driven and ensure successful multi-vendor collaboration is our primary focus.   We plan to do the following during 2019 to continue to drive Member success:

  • Continue / Expand Regional Focus Groups
  • Increased focus on “Users” of TSANet Connect
  • Continue to work with the Technology Committee
  • Develop the 2020-2022 long term Strategy

For more information on these plans view the 2018 Member Meeting Webinar Recording