TSANet 2023 Plans

As part of the ongoing work towards the TSANet 2023 Strategy the TSANet Board of Directors has approved the following plans for 2023.

TSANet Connect 2.0

TSANet Connect 2.0 will move forward as integration projects for Elite Members.    Work has started with Cisco to integrate the TSANet Connect process so that it is available within Salesforce to their support engineers.   We will provide a more detailed update on TSANet Connect 2.0 during the Webinar on April 25th.   You can register for that below:

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During 2022 TSANet created a new Membership Model.  This new model also introduced new features for Members that will be deployed during 2023.

Critical Escalations:  Available for both Premium and Elite Members, this process allows critical escalation teams to collaborate on high priority issues.

Success Manager:  Available for Elite Members, an assigned Success Manager will help these members maximize the potential of TSANet Membership.

Regional Groups

Available to Standard, Premium and Elite Members, the Regional Focus Groups provide an opportunity to network with other Members and share best practices.   Learn more about the focus groups at the link below.


Technical Knowledge Exchange

TSANet launched the Technical Knowledge Exchange initiative in 2022 and will continue to work with Members to provide new sessions.   These sessions provide information on Members Products, Technologies, and Troubleshooting methods.   More information and recorded sessions from 2022 can be found at the link below.


TSANet Partners

TSANet plans to work with industry experts and consultants to provide value to TSANet Members.  We will partner with others to bring best practices and other networking opportunities to our Members.