TSANet Australia Focus Group Meets Online – March 8th, 2023

Clients and tech support teams are being challenged to adopt to changes in how support is delivered.  We want to ensure that tech support organizations are prepared to keep their clients’ businesses running as smooth as possible.

Paul Esch from TSANet met online with IBM, NetApp, Dell, Red Hat, HPE, Nutanix, VMware, Hitachi and Commvault to discuss the most pressing topics.

March 8th:  Australia Focus Group Meeting Agenda

The following meeting topics were discussed:

  1. TSANet 2023 project updates – TSANet Connect 2.0, Critical Escalations
  2. Escalation Management – Best practices discussion
  3. 2023 meetings – The team agreed to the next face-face on August 10th and will include an online option for those outside of Australia.

Next Meeting:  March 10th.  Will be face-face and online option also. Topics will include.

  1. TSANet 2023 Plans
  2. Critical Escalations update
  3. Discussion topic TBD

Note the Australia Focus group includes Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.   Contact Paul Esch to join this group.