TSANet Connect – March 2023 Release

The 17th version of TSANet Connect is now live!

New Features: Part of the TSANet Connect 2.0 Roadmap

  1. Added a new JSON process option for use with Elite Members TSANet Connect Integration.   Went live with Cisco who is the first Member to use JSON API integration for the inbound process.

Other Improvements

  1. Made several improvements to the Critical Escalation process based on feedback from members.
  2. Fixed an issue where the cc field in the process form inbound email was not getting populated.
  3. Updated helper text for the Partner Program sign-up process.
  4. Automated process form test process to speed up Limited Member onboarding.
  5. Made several changes to the Payment portal and Partner sign-up payment process.
  6. Fixed an issue that prevented adding new users to a Restricted Access group.
  7. Several changes to support enhancements to the new TSANet Membership Model.
  8. Added TSANet Token to the bottom of all emails. The TSANet Token is used to identify a specific collaboration request and will be used in future integration and API messaging features.
  9. Fixed an issue that prevented an “Information Requested” initial response in certain situations.
  10. Added a feature to allow Members to add a BCC for the initial response. At an Account level, a Member can now set the following.
    • Outbound cc email: This email address will be included in responses to outbound Partner requests from your users. Emails for outbound requests include: Submit Case Details and Feedback requests. This feature can be used for CRM integration or making a team aware of an outbound request.
    • Initial Response bcc Email: This email address will be included in initial response emails from Partner: Emails include: Accept / Reject Case email and Information Requested email.

Improving Member Adoption

Now that all Members are migrated to TSANet Connect we are starting to work with Members to better understand usage and how to improve.   TSANet has started a series of regional training sessions for your engineers to get trained on TSANet Connect.

View the list of classes and register your teams!

More Information

See Member Resources for further information on TSANet Connect

A series of Blogs are available that provide further information about TSANet Connect