IBM hosted TSANet India Focus Group on Jun 28, 2024, in Bangalore, India

AI plays a crucial role in revolutionizing technical support by automating tasks, boosting efficiency, offering personalized aid, and facilitating proactive issue resolution. This results in heightened customer satisfaction and optimized utilization of human resources within support teams. Rainer Zielonka from TSANet and Pavan Kumar from IBM met with representatives from UiPath, Nutanix, Software AG, Microsoft, F5 Networks, Red Hat, Cisco, Zoho Corp, Veritas, NetApp, Atlassian, Cloud Software, Dell, and Broadcom to discuss trends, best practices, and more in technical support.

Key topics covered included:

  • Executive Keynote
  • Best Practices for KCS/KBS
  • AI Projects, Use Cases, and AI Integration in Tech Support
  • TSANet Connect 2.0 Update


In closing, Rainer thanked everyone for their participation and open sharing. He acknowledged Pavan Kumar and the IBM team, the speakers, and all attendees for making the meeting successful. He announced the next focus group meeting this fall. For those interested in future events, please contact Rainer Zielonka at .